York Theatre

Seymour Centre See Map


Thu 27 August, 7p.m.

Fri 28 August, 7p.m.

Sat 29 August, 7p.m.


Adult (+$1.10 [Inc. Gst] Booking Fee): $26.10 Student (+ $1.10 [Inc. Gst] Booking Fee): $21.10 Access (+ $1.10 [Inc. Gst] Booking Fee): $17.10


My name’s Charles Darwin. You may remember me from my book, the Origin of Species or my TV show, the Crocodile Hunter with Charles Darwin. Now there's two things I love in this world; crackin’ a brew with some bros, and killing me some dragons. Here at the Science Revue, we’ve got comedy, music and dancing all woven together into vaudeville entertainment. Our sketches are great, our…look at me, getting carried away when there are dragons to hunt. Anyways come along and see my show, there'll be plenty sweet love for all of you.

Your mate,
Charles Penelope Darwin

(NOTE: booking tickets at this website has a $1.10 [incl. GST] booking fee per ticket)